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Nicholas Massaroni- Voice of “The Marching Owls”

Nicholas Massaroni - Voice of “The Marching Owls”An alumnus of the Marching Owls himself, Nick graduated from Kennesaw State in the fall of 2022 with a degree in Marketing. His love and passion for KSU has kept him very active on the school’s campus. In addition to assuming the full duties as the “Voice of the Marching Owls” following his interim stint in 2022, Nick works as an on-court emcee and PA announcer for KSU Athletics. His development within that department has allowed him opportunities to announce basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball at the collegiate level. Nick was also fortunate to receive a voice acting role with the KSU Wind Symphony during their 2021 spring performance.

Nick currently serves as the President of the Marching Owls Alumni Society (MOAS), where he is working  with KSU and the MOAS Leadership Council on growing the MOAS organization to better serve the largest student body organization on Kennesaw State’s campus. During his time at KSU, Nick served the Marching Owls as Truck Captain and Trumpet Section Leader for 4 and 3 years respectively. Nick is a brother of Phi Mu Alpha, a sister of Tau Beta Sigma, and was recently made an honorary brother of Kappa Kappa Psi. He is also the 4-time winner of the Most Owliest Marching Owl (“MOMO”) award, a title that he will forever cherish.

Nick works full time as a financial analyst in Alpharetta and just moved in with his beautiful girlfriend Heather and their dog Finn.