"The Hoo" Basketball Band

Kennesaw State Basketball Band Audition Dates are announced!!! 

"The Hoo" auditions will take place on Wednesday (10/24) and Thursday (10/25) afternoons.

  • ALL AUDITIONS, unless otherwise noted, will be held at 3305 Busbee Drive
  • DRUMSET AUDITIONEES should plan to audition at 3305 Busbee Drive

Please email Dr. Harris for more information, and for audition sign up dates/times.


  • Saxophone (3 Alto, 2 Tenor, 1 Bari), Trumpet (7), Mellophone (2)
  • Trombone (6), Baritone (2), Sousaphone (3)
  • Drumset (2), Electric Bass (1)

"The Hoo" will be made up of permanent members reflecting the above roster, as well as numerous alternates to augment, substitute, and expand the band as needed. It is our goal to have a band of as many qualified members as possible, creating a 1:1 (or better) ratio of permanent to alternate performers. This will allow more musicians the opportunity to perform with the KSU Basketball Band throughout the season!  

Wind & Electric Bass Audition Material

  • Two (2) major scales (chosen from Concert F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, C, G, A), demonstrating your full range. Suggested tempo = 132-152 BPM.
  • Chromatic scale, in sixteenth notes or triplets (performer’s choice), demonstrating your full range. Suggested tempo = 100-120 BPM.
  • Excerpts from either KSU Fight Song or Sturgis’ March. Please prepare your KSUMB part (as applicable). Non-KSUMB auditionees should request 1st or 2nd parts for their instrument from Dr. Harris.
  • Sight-reading will be provided during the audition process.

Drumset Audition Material

  • Phase 1: You will be asked to perform several different styles (Rock, Latin, Funk, Swing) at varying tempos, as well as improvise with a backing track. This should be scheduled to take place at 3305 Busbee Drive.
  • Phase 2: You will play with the live ensemble, and will be provided with lead sheets and recordings prior to this audition. Successful auditionees will play each of the following charts completely through:

    • KSU Fight Song
    • Sturgis’ March
    • Eat ’em Up #1
    • Uptown Funk

All auditions will be scheduled at 10-minute intervals. Please be on time, and be warmed up, before you enter the room! A desginated warm up area will be provided at the Marching Band Facility.