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About The Band

About The Band
"The Marching Owls" Marching Band is the largest, most visible student organization on our campus and thrills thousands of fans with exciting performances each week. The tradition of excellence was initiated in the Fall 2015 as “The Marching Owls” began its pursuit of the highest levels of visual and musical performance at the Fifth-Third Bank Stadium in Kennesaw, GA.

At a school the size of the Kennesaw State University, it is important for new students to find their place within the college community. As a member of the “The Marching Owls” Marching Band, you will be surrounded by friends before classes even begin. This “family” will provide a valuable support system throughout your college career, helping you adjust to life in Kennesaw and create life-long friendships. You will have instant study partners, as members of “The Marching Owls” Marching Band represent almost every academic unit at the University, including the colleges and programs on the KSU Marietta campus.

Join the Band

Join The Band

"The Marching Owls" Marching Band is open to all KSU students including those studying at the KSU Marietta campus.  If you are a transfer student or current KSU student as well as an incoming freshman you are welcome to audition for the Band.

If you are interested in becoming a member of "The Marching Owls," please fill out our interest form. You will be placed on an email list to be informed with upcoming news and events.

All Members of The Marching Owls Marching Band are required to attend Band Camp Week in August.



On-Campus Housing

If you plan on residing in on-campus housing, you MUST complete the following 2 actions:

  1. Apply to live in on-campus housing immediately

  2. Register on our website by July 1st to download the audition materials, which we will then communicate with the housing office that you will need to move in early for band camp/auditions. This is really important, since we will be in the depths of camp when the rest of the campus is allowed to move in. The housing office is making accommodations for “The Marching Owls” prospective members to be allowed to move in early, but they need lead-time in order to be sure that your room is prepared ahead of time.


The sound of “The Marching Owls” Marching Band depends upon a desired instrumentation.  Following is a break-down of our desired yearly instrumentation:

Total Band Members:

  • Instrumentation 30 Piccolos
  • 44 Clarinets
  • 27 Alto Saxophones
  • 10 Tenor Saxophones
  • 52 Trumpets
  • 24 Horns
  • 32 Trombones
  • 12 Baritones
  • 20 Tubas
  • 30 Drumline
  • 32 Colorguard
  • 1 Feature Twirler
  • 1 Drum Major

All students interested in joining “The Marching Owls” Marching Band should contact the band office ( to be put on the summer mailing list.

Rehearsal Schedule

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM at 3305 Busbee Drive.
“The Marching Owls” field is located outside of the building, in which we are housed.

*Weekly Drumline and Colorguard sectionals will be scheduled at the beginning of the season

Game-Day Rehearsal Schedule for Home Games
Depending on kick-off times, we will rehearse as follows:

Schedule is based on a 1:00 PM Kick-off

  • 7:00 AM  –  Morning rehearsal/run through
  • 9:00 AM  –  Break/brunch. Visit with friends at KSUMB facility
  • 10:30 AM  –  Drumline warms up
  • 10:45 AM  –  KSUMB parades to Fifth Third Bank Stadium as fans follow
  • 11:00 AM  –  Band performs Pregame concert
  • 12:40 PM  –  KSUMB performs Pregame show for 10,000+ cheering Owls fans!
  • 1:00 PM  –  KSUMB supports Owl Football team, performs Halftime show for 10,000+ cheering Owl fans, and performs a Post-game Concert for thousands of parents, alumni, and friends following the Owl victory!
  • 5:00 PM  –  KSUMB sings Alma Mater and goes home

All rehearsals are curricular and attendance is graded.


Enrollment is required for all students.

  • MUSI 1142/3342 – offered for “1” credit hour OR “0” credit hours
    • You must be enrolled in the course
    • The course is offered at either 1 or 0 credit hours
    • 0 credit hour courses do not use scholarship or HOPE funding
    • Course fees (not tuition) are still applied for 0 credit courses

  • ARCHE Cross Registration Program and Honors Dual Enrollment
    • ARCHE's Cross Registration Program allows students at member institutions to broaden their academic experience by registering for courses at other member colleges and universities. It shares the vast resources of ARCHE member specialties by offering students access to courses not offered at their home institution, and allows them a chance to experience a different campus environment.
    • Registration is handled through a students home institution. Students must contact their college or university's Cross Registration Coordinator.
    • Students who attend institutions that participate in the ARCHE program are also encouraged to audition for our program
    • Check here for a list of institutions that participate in ARCHE
      Dual Enrollment Honors Program Students: If you are a DEHP student, and are not currently in your High School band program, you can audition to be a member of “The Marching Owls” Marching Band. Click here for more information

Course Expectations

Attendance is required at all official KSUMB events (conflicts must be preapproved by the Director, Dr. Traficante).

These events include:

  • Band Camp
  • Regular class time rehearsals and weekly sectionals
  • Game Day rehearsals and performances
  • Travel to away games, if applicable
  • Travel to post-season travel (depending on season outcome), if applicable
  • Special events as requested by administration

Prospective Member Interest Form

Perspective Member Interest
The "Marching Owls" Marching Band is the largest, most visible student organization on our campus and thrills thousands of fans with exciting performances each week. The tradition of excellence was initiated in the Fall 2015 as “The Marching Owls” began its pursuit in the highest levels of visual and musical performance at the Fifth-Third Bank Stadium in Kennesaw, GA. Sign up today so we can email you more information about “The Marching Owls.”